Australian Vermentino wine regional and flavour profile



Tastes and aromas

Flavours of citrus fruits such as lime, green apple and peaches, with a bitter almond and pine nut finish


Dry mouthfeel, light-medium bodied with refreshingly crisp acidity

Drink now or later

Best to consume while young and fresh.

Fun Facts

  • This late-ripening grape variety is of Mediterranean origin, most probably indigenous to north western Italy.
  • Since the turn of the century more Australian wineries are turning to Vermentino as it is able to maintain a firm, refreshing acidity even in the warmest regions.
  • It is a grape suitable to hot, dry maritime climates and benefits from coastal winds as the saltiness can help to concentrate the grapes flavours.
  • Fermentation usually takes place in steel through oak can be used as long as contact is light. Generally un-oaked versions are a nicer drop.


In Australia, Vermentino is most notably produced in the King Valley (Victoria), as well as the Riverland (Vic), Margaret River (WA) and Murray Darling (NSW) regions.

Internationally, Vermentino is primarily found in Italy, and is widely planted in Liguria, Piedmont and Languedoc.

Food Pairings

The basil and pine nut aromas of Vermentino taste almost as if the wine was predestined for perto based meals, and Vermentino’s typically pair best with simply prepared white fish.

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