Australian Teroldego wine regional and flavour profile




Tastes and aromas

Flavours of blackberry, figs, chocolate and spicy notes, alongside a sweet oaky flavour


High acidity, structured tannin, medium–full bodied

Drink now or later?

While it is usually drunk within three years of bottling while the fruit is still boisterous, it can age well for up to 10 years.

Fun Facts

  • Teroldego makes various types of wines, from generous, full-flavored and moderately tannic reds, to charming but sophisticated dry rosés.
  • Many feel Teroldego bears a great resemblance to Zinfandel with its deep color, brambly blackberriness, vivacious acidity and moderate tannin.
  • Teroldego takes its name from its traditional method of cultivation, trained on a system of “tirelle” or wire harnesses, an explanation that’s more likely, if less pretty, than its legendary association with German dialect for gold of the Tirol.


So far, Teroldego is only being produced in Margaret River, McLaren Vale, Alpine Valley and Langhorne Creek.

Internationally, Teroldego is mostly grown in its country of origin, Italy, in the North West region of Trentino.

Food Pairings

Depending on what style of wine is made, Teroldego can pair well with a range of meals, such as dumplings, beef couscous with raisins, pork-stuffed potato pancakes or pan-fried crab.

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