Australian Tannat wine regional and flavour profile



Tastes and aromas

Flavours of blackberry and raspberry, with spicy notes.


Firm tannins, high alcohol, full bodied

Drink now or later

Tannat wines can be aged for a number of years, this will help soften the strong tannins and develop more complex characters in the wine

Fun Facts

  • Tannat grapes grow well in warmer climates and are generally a late ripening variety.
  • Just as Merlot is a mnemonic for “mellow”, Tannat is a mnemonic for “tannic”.
  • Tannat varietal wines are also very high in polyphenols. These are the good chemicals in wine that keep your heart healthy. This is due to the fact that tannins come from the skins and seeds of the grapes when crushed. The reason for the high concentration of these properties in Tannat wines is that the Tannat grape contains 5 seeds, while all of the other fine wine grapes normally contain just 2 or 3, thus the source of the high tannin.
  • Evidence suggests that the the four primary antioxidant components found in all wines- polyphenols, procyanidins, flavenoids and resveratrol, are found in their greatest concentrations in Tannat wines.
  • Tannat wines have been made in the Madiran region in South West France since the 17th century, when French kings accepted Madiran wines as payment for taxes.
  • Tannat plantings account for approximately one third of all vineyards that are found in Uruguay.


In Australia, Tannat grape varieties can be found in Adelaide Hills, Murray Darling, Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley, Langhorne Creek, the Granite Belt, McLaren Vale, as well as many other regions.

Tannat grape plantings can be found all over the world; from its origins in southern France, to Argentina, the USA (California, Oregon and Virginia), Brazil and even in southern Italy’s Puglia region, where it is used as a blending grape.

Food Pairings

The full-bodied, high tannin and acidity of a Tannat wine requires an equally full-bodied, heavy meal to compliment it. As the wine can overwhelm lighter dishes, your best bet is to pair it with meaty dishes, beef stews and casseroles.

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