Pedro Ximenez (Apera)

Australian Pedro Ximenez wine regional and flavour profile


Pedro Ximenez taste and Aromas

Flavours of toffee, fig, date and molasses emerge, with notes or raisins and plum pudding

Pedro Ximenez mouthfeel

Firm and rich tannins, medium bodied

Facts about Pedro Ximenez

  • Pedro Ximenez is a white grape variety best known for creating sherry and other fortified styles. It is also used to create a dry table white wine.
  • As a white wine, PX has subtle aromas of lemon zest and lime, with emerging honeysuckle notes.
  • Swan Valley is known to produce organic and preservative-free dessert wine using PX grapes.
  • The vine requires a rich soil and short pruning, and was brought to Australia in 1832 by James Busby.
  • PX’s most common role has been bulking out mass produced cheap white wines.

Australian regions that produce Pedro Ximenez

Australia’s fortified wines are most commonly grown in hot climates, so PX is commonly produced in Rutherglen, Swan Valley, Perth Hills, Barossa Valley, and Riverina.

Internationally, PX is native to Spain, where it also grows to produce sherry. The variety is also the most widely planted grape in Argentina, and small plantings can also be found in Chile and USA.

What food to pair with Pedro Ximenez

The rich, syrupy flavours of PX sherry, with their dark fruit flavours of grapes, figs, dates and plums, are a match made in heaven for blue cheeses, triple cream cheeses and aged goudas, as well as chocolate and figs and prunes.

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