Australian Nebbiolo wine regional and flavour profile



Nebbiolo tastes and aromas

Flavours of cherries and plums, cedar, spices and hints of mushrooms and rotting undergrowth, with spicy, chocolate, leathery and earthy undertones

Nebbiolo mouthfeel

Rich, heavy tannins, full bodied

Nebbiolo Cellaring potential

Because of Nebbiolo wines heavy body and fill tannins, these wines can be very rewarding if cellared for a decade or so. In some ways Nebbiolo wines resemble Pinot Noirs in the way that they age into wines with soft rich tannins

Facts about Nebbiolo

  • Nebbiolo makes wine with a distinct brown colour.
  • The variety is heavily guarded by its native Italian home and most famous appellation of Piedmont, and very few cuttings and clones have been exported to other countries, so its production in Australia is quite rare.
  • Nebbiolo has the reputation of being a difficult grape to grow. It is very sensitive to both soil and geography and can yield wines that vary widely in body, tannin and acidity, as well as aroma and flavour complexity, when grown in only slightly different locales. A very late-season ripener, the vines need the best exposures, especially in cooler climates, in order to reach maturity

Australian regions that produce Nebbiolo

The most successful Nebbiolo wines produced in Australia come from the cool climate regions of the Mornington Peninsula and King Valley in Victoria, and the Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale and Clare Valley in South Australia.

Internationally, Nebbiolo is grown in the Piedmont region of North West Italy, as well in the neighbouring Lombardy region as well. California and Washington have also attempted to grow the variety, however without much success.

What food to pair with Nebbiolo

The full body, heavy tannins of Nebbiolo make the wine an ideal accompaniment to rich lamb and beef dishes, stews, as well as earthy dishes containing mushrooms or root vegetables.

It also pairs nicely with aged cheese, which requires a full-bodied wine to match its full bodied flavours.

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