Muller Thurgau

Australian Muller Thurgau wine regional and flavour profile



Muller Thurgau tastes and aromas

Fruity flavours of peach, apple, and pear, with floral notes

Muller Thurgau mouthfeel

Low acidity, off-dry, soft, smooth mouth-feel

Muller Thurgau cellaring potential

Now – Muller Thurgau wines are almost always better young

Facts about Muller Thurgau

  • Muller Thurgau is a white wine grape variety suited to cooler wine growing regions.
  • Müller-Thurgau was originally thought to be a cross between Riesling and Silvaner, developed by Dr. Hermann Müller who was born in the Swiss canton of Thurgau. It was developed in an effort to bring the quality of Riesling to the productivity of Silvaner More recently DNA fingerprinting has shown its parents are actually Riesling and Madeleine Royale.
  • Though early ripening and very productive, the Müller-Thurgau has never been known for quality and is almost single-handedly responsible for the decline of Germany as a world power in fine wine production
  • Muller Thurgau’s fortunes are now on the wane, and its future seems to be as a niche variety for regions where it is too cold to ripen other more attractive varieties. If there is hint of hot weather during ripening the acid levels in the grapes plummet and so does the prospect of making a good wine.
  • Despite it problems there are a few wine makers who think the variety is worth taking seriously, and they have some supporters among the wine drinking community.

Australian regions that produce Muller Thurgau

Within Australia, Muller Thurgau wines are grown and produced in Southern and Northern Tasmania, Mudgee, Geelong, Ballarat, and Southern New South Wales.

Internationally, it is used to make white wine in in Germany, Austria, Northern Italy, Hungary, England, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, New Zealand, United States and Japan.

What food to pair with Muller Thurgau

Pairs well with tropical and spicy cuisine, and also lovely with seafood, spiced baked fruits and hot peppered noodle dishes.

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