Australian Moscato wine regional and flavour profile



Moscato tastes and aromas

Flavours o citrus, peach, orange and floral fruit

Moscato mouthfeel

Low acidity, low tannins, moderately sweet, low alcohol

Facts about Moscato

  • Moscato wines are the only wines that have the same flavour as the grape (Muscat)
  • Moscato is a low alcohol wine often sweet and a just a little bubbly (spritzig). It can be made with any of the several varieties of Muscat, especially Muscat a Petit Grains
  • In America, Moscato’s popularity owes a huge debt to pop culture. Hip-hop culture, to be more precise. Rappers like Drake, AbSoul, Kanye West and Lil’ Kim injected Moscato into their lyrics, propelling it to status as a hip-happening club drink. As Ab-Soul sings: “When things get hard to swallow / We need a bottle of Moscato”
  • Twitter buzzes with an average 250 tweets an hour about people drinking their Moscato.
  • Moscato is the only fine wine grape that doubles as a table grape.
  • Virtually all pink Moscato’s gain their hue from a splash of red wine, not skin contact.

Australian regions that produce Moscato

This varietal is ideally suited to hot climates as it requires enough sun to cultivate round, sweet grapes early in the ripeness cycle, whilst keeping its low alcohol characteristics.

Moscato wines are produced throughout many of Australia’s warm-hot regions, most notably the Riverland region of South Australia, as well as Riverina, Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley and Mornington Peninsula.

Internationally, moscato wines are produced in Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Portugal, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, and the United States.

What food to pair with Moscato

As a low alcohol wine, Moscato can be drunk without food, or with aperitifs. Alternatively, its slightly sweet mouthfeel makes it an ideal accompaniment to creamy or cheesy dishes, or with rich chocolate desserts.

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