Australian Marzemino wine regional and flavour profile



Marzemino tastes and aromas

Marzemino has a light plummy taste with flavours of strawberry, raspberry, violet and cherry alongside a slightly herby, grassy note

Marzemino mouthfeel

Medium tannins, medium acidity,

Facts about Marzemino

  • Marzemino is a red Italian wine grape that is primarily grown around Isera, south of Trentino in Italy.
  • The vine ripens late and is susceptible to many grape diseases including oidium, a fungal disease which powdery mildew on grapes.
  • This ancient grape found its adopted homeland in Vallagarina, Italy, however it seems to have originated in the Austrian city of Marzamin, imported by Trentino soldiers at the service of the Republic of Venice. In any case, it is associated by everyone with the Trentino and it is so renowned that it is mentioned in “Don Giovanni” by Mozart and Da Ponte (“Versa il vino! Eccellente Marzemino!”).

Australian regions that produce Marzemino

In Australia, Marzemino can be found in the King and Alpine valleys, however internationally, Marzemino is found throughout northern Italy most notably in the Lombardia, Trentino, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia wine region. In Lombardy it is often used as a blending grape, most often partnering with Barbera, Groppello, Merlot or Sangiovese. In Trentino, it is often made as a varietal wine. While it is believed to have played a minor role in the history of Chianti, today it is rarely seen in Tuscany.

What food to pair with Marzemino

Marzemino’s fruitiness works well with food that pairs with Pinot Noir. Its fruitiness, bitter finish and tannins, with medium acidity cuts through the buttery richness of cream based dishes, and its fruitiness compliments salami, roasted meats and stews.


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