Australian Grillo wine regional and flavour profile



Grillo taste and aromas

Grillo shows range if citrus flavours, usually led by lemon-lime flavours

Grillo mouthfeel

Light bodied, potentially high alcohol, dry mouthfeel.

Facts about Grillo

  • Grillo can achieve very high levels of potential alcohol when left to hang on the vine. This is a desirable trait in fortified wine, but the modern preference for crisp, low alcohol Italian wines has not advanced Grillo’s popularity.
  • Grillo, a Sicilian wine, was formerly used as the base wine for the coffee flavoured liqueur Marsala, a fortified wine.

Australian regions that produce Grillo

Grillo is a late ripening variety, which is suitable only for warm to hot wine regions. It is currently grown in the Riverina Wine Region of South Australia, and has potential in such areas as the Murray Darling and Riverland regions.

What food to pair with Grillo

Similar in acidity and the citric component of Sauvignon Blanc, the balance of acidity in Grillo will cut through the creaminess of most creamy dishes and complement the a light white meat such as fish or chicken.

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