Australian Flora wine regional and flavour profile



Flora tastes and aromas

Ripe pear, lychee and subtle spicy flavours

Flora mouthfeel

Off-dry, lightly sweet

Facts about Flora

  • Flora is a Californian crossing of Gewürztraminer and Semillon grapes made by Dr Harold Olmo in 1938. The variety displays elements of both parents, depending on the environment in which it is frown, and which can also resemble Pinot Gris in body and flavour profile.
  • Some Sparkling wines have been made exclusively from Flora and Flora blends, although the vine can struggle to achieve the necessary levels of acidity in hot vintages.
  • Flora is a key grape in the aromatic and soft sparkling Californian wine labelled as Cremant – one of the preferred bubblies of former presidents Reagan and George Bush Sr.

Australian regions that produce Flora

Flora has a strong reputation in New Zealand’s cooler climate, producing wines that have been critically applauded in the 1970’s due to their aromatic characteristics and acidity. However, the grapes flavours and aromas did not appeal to the mass Australian public and has been largely forgotten. It remains a strong wine in the Californian wine regions and is often used in the soft sparkling wine labelled as Cremant.

What food to pair with Flora

The soft aromas and flavours of Flora match well with warm winter salad with pear, radicchio, fennel, carrots, chicken, walnuts and Gorgonzola. Its high acidity complements slightly spicy meals such as Thai green curry.

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