Australian Arneis wine regional and flavour profile

Arneis tastes and aromas

Exotic fruits and floral fragrances of honeysuckle, apple, pear, apricot, almond and hints of hops.

Arneis mouthfeel

Medium to full bodied, dry, low to medium acidity

Drink Arneis now or later

As an aromatic wine, Arneis is best drunk when young and fresh, however some wineries produce bottles that can age a few years.

Facts about Arneis

  • Arneis means “rascal” in local Italian dialect. This is a reference to Arneis’ difficult tendencies in the vineyard, where it is low-yielding, susceptible to powdery mildew and often struggles to achieve good levels of acid
  • This grape variety was nearly extinct until two producers revived its production in the 1980s.
  • For centuries the white Arneis grape was used to soften the tannins and harshness of Nebbiolo grape in the wines of the Barolo region, hence the common synonym of Barolo Bianco or “white Barolo”.

Australian regions that produce Arneis

Arneis has a short history in Australia, so there are limited plantings in King Valley in North East Victoria and in the Mornington Peninsula and Riverland wine region in South Australia

Internationally, Arneis is native to northwest Italy, namely Piedmont, but is also grown in California, Australia and New Zealand.

Arneis wine and food pairings

Being aromatic and dry with medium to full body with rich texture, Arneis makes a good match for white fish and seafood dishes, as well as pork dishes and pastas with a light sauce.

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