Australian Aleatico wine regional and flavour profile

Aleatico tastes and aromas

Rose and lychee with blueberry and raspberry flavours

Aleatico mouthfeel

Sweet, high in alcohol and well balanced

Facts about Aleatico

  • Aleatico is a highly perfumed red grape variety with some similarity to Muscat, primarily produced in Lazio and Puglia regions of Italy.
  • Aleatico has been described by Jancis Robinson (world renowned wine authority) as a ‘bizarre Italian red grape variety’ because it makes a red wine with many of the characteristics of muscat à petits grains, normally a sweet white wine
  • It is believed that Aleatico grapes have been grown in Italy for last 1000 years. The earliest evidence of Aleatico wine produced is that of 14th century, when this wine was produced in the Southern and Central parts of Italy.
  • Aleatico is known to have been the preferred drink of Napoleon.
  • Aleatico grapes are first dried under the sun for 20 days while preparing them for making wine. They later undergo a fermentation process of 30-36 hours. The next stage requires the fermented grapes to be in tanks with their skin for at least 3 weeks. The tank is usually made of stainless steel and is temperature controlled. The wine is next separated from the skin, at a very low temperature. The last stage is the ageing process of Aleatico wine to bring out its best flavours.
  • Aleatico is aged for 6 months before it is released. There are other varieties that are labelled as Riserva and require 2 more years of ageing in wooden barrels.

Australian regions that produce Aleatico

There are just a few Australian producers including small amounts of Aleatico, these are:

Di Lusso Estate in Mudgee, Freeman Vineyards in Hilltops, Hollyclare in Hunter Valley, Rimfire Vineyards in Darling Downs, Riversands Winery in the Queensland Zone and Tizzana Winery in the South Coast Zone.

Aleatico and food pairings

Aleatico pairs well with any type of fruitcake, biscuits, spicy cheese, fruit salads and a variety of chocolate. Chocolate flavoured candies, puddings and dessert style cakes are also recommended.

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