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Australian Albarino wine regional and flavour profile Albarino tastes and aromas Ripe peach, apricot, lemon zest, nectarine and floral like flavours Albarino mouthfeel Light bodied, generally dry, high citrus acidity. Facts about Albarino Albarino makes a delicate but scented wine, similar to Riesling, but with a richer aroma and fuller palate. In it’s […]


Australian Aleatico wine regional and flavour profile Aleatico tastes and aromas Rose and lychee with blueberry and raspberry flavours Aleatico mouthfeel Sweet, high in alcohol and well balanced Facts about Aleatico Aleatico is a highly perfumed red grape variety with some similarity to Muscat, primarily produced in Lazio and Puglia regions of Italy. […]

Alicante Bouschet

Australian Alicante Bouschet wine regional and flavour profile Alicante Bouschet tastes and aromas Flavours and aromas of blackberry, cranberry, sweet dark berry with rich dark leathery scents and hints of maple syrup. Alicante Bouschet mouthfeel Dark, full-bodied wine, with heavy, course tannins and dry mouthfeel. Not for the faint of heart. […]


Australian Aligoté wine regional and flavour profile   Aligoté tastes and aromas Apple and lemon with a nutty tang. Aligoté mouthfeel High acidity and minerality, medium bodied. Facts about Aligoté Aligoté is the straw-coloured, tart, and softly scented “other” white wine of Burgundy, and because the grape tolerates cold weather, it’s often planted in […]