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Baco Noir

Australian Baco Noir wine regional and flavour profile Baco Noir tastes and aromas Shows rich fruit tones, typified by blueberry and plum, and can display caramel overtones Baco Noir mouthfeel Light to medium body, good acidity, similar mouthfeel to Pinot Noir Drink Baco Noir now or later Well made, complex Baco Noir can […]


Australian Barbera wine regional and flavour profile Barbera tastes and aromas Red fruits such as raspberry, cherry and cranberry, with black fruits like blackberry and plums. Barbera has hints of leather and meatiness. Barbera mouthfeel Medium to full body, soft tannins, moderate acidity, with a soft and round mouthfeel Drink Barbera now or […]


Australian Bastardo wine regional and flavour profile   Bastardo tastes and aromas Flavours redolent of dark red berries and other forest fruits Bastardo mouthfeel High sugar levels when ripe, with firm tannins and high alcohol Facts about Bastardo It is grown in small amounts in many parts of Western Europe; most famously […]