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Australian Chambourcin wine regional and flavour profile   RED | MEDIUM BODY Tastes and aromas Mulberry, cherry and spicy plum with slight chocolate overtones and gamey flavours Mouthfeel Chambourcin is a medium bodied, soft and well balanced red wine with high acidity and a short finish. Fun Facts Chambourcin is a French-American interspecific hybrid grape, created […]


Australian Chardonnay wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | MEDIUM BODY | FULL BODY Chardonnay tastes and aromas Warm climate Chardonnay features apple, pineapple and melon and lemon. Cool Climate Chardonnay features green apple, lemon, lime and mineral notes Chardonnay mouthfeel Warm climate Chardonnay is medium bodied, with low acidity and high […]


Australian Champagne wine regional and flavour profile Champagne tastes and aromas Flavours of apple, pear, citrus, strawberry, cream and vanilla, with yeast and nutty notes, and aromas of fresh applesauce, spiced apple, and ripe pear. Champagne mouthfeel Champagne wines can range from extra dry, dry, and sweet, and have a relatively low alcohol […]

Chenin Blanc

Australian Chenin Blanc wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | LIGHT BODY Taste and aromas Tropical fruit, tart green apple, passionfruit, melon, grapefruit and quince flavours with an undercurrent of honey. Mouthfeel Tart acidity and oily mouthfeel. Light to medium bodied and can range from very dry to very sweet […]