Daily Archives: January 26, 1998

Petit Sirah (aka Durif)

Australian Durif wine regional and flavour profile   RED | FULL BODY Durif taste and aromas Durif is characterised as having earthy, peppery aromas, with ripe berry fruit and plummy flavours. In the presence of new oak barrels, the wine can develop melted chocolate flavours. Durif mMouthfeel High tannins, rich, full-bodied, relatively acidic. […]

Pedro Ximenez (Apera)

Australian Pedro Ximenez wine regional and flavour profile WHITE | MEDIUM BODIED Pedro Ximenez taste and Aromas Flavours of toffee, fig, date and molasses emerge, with notes or raisins and plum pudding Pedro Ximenez mouthfeel Firm and rich tannins, medium bodied Facts about Pedro Ximenez Pedro Ximenez is a white grape variety best known […]

Petit Verdot

Australian Petit Verdot wine regional and flavour profile   RED | MEDIUM BODIED | FULL BODIED Petit Verdot tastes and aromas Flavours of lavender, rosewater, musk, violets, fruity banana esters, fennel seed/star anise and white blossoms, alongside sweet ripe red and black berry notes Petit Verdot mouthfeel Medium to full bodied, firm […]