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Australian Sagrantino wine regional and flavour profile   RED | FULL BODIED Sagrantino tastes and aromas Flavours of juicy, bright cherry and plum fruits with mocha, coffee-like secondary layers, and fruity, spicy aromas Sagrantino mouthfeel Highly tannic, full-bodied, high acidity and 16% alcohol Cellaring potential of Sagrantino Sagrantino’s high tannins and affinity for oak […]


Australian Sangiovese wine regional and flavour profile   RED | MEDIUM BODIED | FULL BODIED Sangiovese tastes and aromas Flavours of tart cherry, plum and strawberry, along with hints of vanilla and cinnamon Sangiovese mouthfeel Medium – Full bodied, medium acidity Sangiovese cellaring potential Sangiovese based wines age well, but the lighter […]

Sauvignon Blanc

Australian Sauvignon Blanc has flavours of passionfruit and kiwi fruit, with grassy notes, and is grown predominantly in the Margaret River, Western Australia. Sauvignon Blanc was one of the first fine wines to be bottled with a screwcap in commercial quantities, especially by New Zealand producers. The wine is usually consumed young, as it does not particularly benefit from aging.