Australian Aglianico wine regional and flavour profile Aglianico tastes and aromas Flavours of prunes, blackberries, herbs, chocolate and coffee, with notes of tar, smoke and iron Aglianico mouthfeel High tannins, firm structure, full bodied and high acidity. Aglianico cellaring potential Young Aglianico wines have a tendency to be harsh and bold, […]


Australian Albarino wine regional and flavour profile Albarino tastes and aromas Ripe peach, apricot, lemon zest, nectarine and floral like flavours Albarino mouthfeel Light bodied, generally dry, high citrus acidity. Facts about Albarino Albarino makes a delicate but scented wine, similar to Riesling, but with a richer aroma and fuller palate. In it’s […]


Australian Aleatico wine regional and flavour profile Aleatico tastes and aromas Rose and lychee with blueberry and raspberry flavours Aleatico mouthfeel Sweet, high in alcohol and well balanced Facts about Aleatico Aleatico is a highly perfumed red grape variety with some similarity to Muscat, primarily produced in Lazio and Puglia regions of Italy. […]

Alicante Bouschet

Australian Alicante Bouschet wine regional and flavour profile Alicante Bouschet tastes and aromas Flavours and aromas of blackberry, cranberry, sweet dark berry with rich dark leathery scents and hints of maple syrup. Alicante Bouschet mouthfeel Dark, full-bodied wine, with heavy, course tannins and dry mouthfeel. Not for the faint of heart. […]


Australian Aligoté wine regional and flavour profile   Aligoté tastes and aromas Apple and lemon with a nutty tang. Aligoté mouthfeel High acidity and minerality, medium bodied. Facts about Aligoté Aligoté is the straw-coloured, tart, and softly scented “other” white wine of Burgundy, and because the grape tolerates cold weather, it’s often planted in […]


Australian Arneis wine regional and flavour profile Arneis tastes and aromas Exotic fruits and floral fragrances of honeysuckle, apple, pear, apricot, almond and hints of hops. Arneis mouthfeel Medium to full bodied, dry, low to medium acidity Drink Arneis now or later As an aromatic wine, Arneis is best drunk when young and […]

Baco Noir

Australian Baco Noir wine regional and flavour profile Baco Noir tastes and aromas Shows rich fruit tones, typified by blueberry and plum, and can display caramel overtones Baco Noir mouthfeel Light to medium body, good acidity, similar mouthfeel to Pinot Noir Drink Baco Noir now or later Well made, complex Baco Noir can […]


Australian Barbera wine regional and flavour profile Barbera tastes and aromas Red fruits such as raspberry, cherry and cranberry, with black fruits like blackberry and plums. Barbera has hints of leather and meatiness. Barbera mouthfeel Medium to full body, soft tannins, moderate acidity, with a soft and round mouthfeel Drink Barbera now or […]


Australian Bastardo wine regional and flavour profile   Bastardo tastes and aromas Flavours redolent of dark red berries and other forest fruits Bastardo mouthfeel High sugar levels when ripe, with firm tannins and high alcohol Facts about Bastardo It is grown in small amounts in many parts of Western Europe; most famously […]

Cabernet Franc

Australian Cabernet Franc wine regional and flavour profile Cabernet Franc tastes and aromas Berry flavours of raspberry, strawberry and plum, combined with herbaceous accents of tobacco and dark spice Cabernet Franc mouthfeel Medium bodied, lower tannin levels, soft mouthfeel Facts about Cabernet Franc DNA analysis indicates Cabernet Franc is one of two parents of […]

Cabernet Sauvignon

Australian Cabernet Sauvignon wine regional and flavour profile Cabernet Sauvignon tastes and aromas Flavours and aromas of blackberries, plums, black currants, capsicum, mint, eucalyptus, red currant and cassis Cabernet Sauvignon mouthfeel Full bodied, high tannin, dry finish Cellaring potential of Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular wines to […]


Australian Carmenere wine regional and flavour profile Carmenere taste and aromas Cherry, raspberry, plum, and herbaceous notes with characteristics of smoke, spice and earthy notes, reminiscent of dark chocolate, tobacco, and leather. Carmenere mouthfeel Firm, medium bodied red wine with soft, round tannins and good acidity. Cellaring potential of Carmenere The wine is best […]


Australian Carnelian wine regional and flavour profile Carnelian taste and aromas Intense chocolate and dark berry fruit flavours Carnelian mouthfeel Well balanced, full bodied, firm tannins Facts about Carnelian Carnelian is a new grape variety created by American vine researcher Professor Harold Olmo in the seventies, is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan and […]


Australian Chambourcin wine regional and flavour profile   RED | MEDIUM BODY Tastes and aromas Mulberry, cherry and spicy plum with slight chocolate overtones and gamey flavours Mouthfeel Chambourcin is a medium bodied, soft and well balanced red wine with high acidity and a short finish. Fun Facts Chambourcin is a French-American interspecific hybrid grape, created […]


Australian Chardonnay wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | MEDIUM BODY | FULL BODY Chardonnay tastes and aromas Warm climate Chardonnay features apple, pineapple and melon and lemon. Cool Climate Chardonnay features green apple, lemon, lime and mineral notes Chardonnay mouthfeel Warm climate Chardonnay is medium bodied, with low acidity and high […]


Australian Champagne wine regional and flavour profile Champagne tastes and aromas Flavours of apple, pear, citrus, strawberry, cream and vanilla, with yeast and nutty notes, and aromas of fresh applesauce, spiced apple, and ripe pear. Champagne mouthfeel Champagne wines can range from extra dry, dry, and sweet, and have a relatively low alcohol […]

Chenin Blanc

Australian Chenin Blanc wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | LIGHT BODY Taste and aromas Tropical fruit, tart green apple, passionfruit, melon, grapefruit and quince flavours with an undercurrent of honey. Mouthfeel Tart acidity and oily mouthfeel. Light to medium bodied and can range from very dry to very sweet […]


Australian Corvina wine regional and flavour profile   RED | LIGHT BODY | MEDIUM BODY Corvina tastes and aromas Smokey, red cherry, raspberries, floral scents of geranium, spices, hints of prune and fig. The finish is sometimes marked with sour cherry notes. Corvina mouthfeel Light to medium bodied, with low tannins and high acidity Facts […]


Australian Cortese wine regional and flavour profile WHITE | LIGHT BODY Cortese taste and aromas Fresh fruit aromas of ripe grapefruit with zingy, juicy and crisp lemon and lime flavours and mineral touches. Cortese mouthfeel Steely and dry on the palate, light bodied, with a long finish. Cortese cellaring potential Cortese should […]


Australian Dolcetto wine regional and flavour profile   RED | LIGHT BODY  Dolcetto taste and aromas Intensely fruity with flavours of almonds, plums, blackberries, prunes, along with freshly cracked black pepper, liquorice, red cherry and bubble-gum on the nose. Dolcetto mouthfeel Although the name implies sweetness, Dolcetto wines are usually dry, with low acidity and […]


Australian Fiano wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | LIGHT BODY Fiano tastes and aromas Mandarin, melon and lemon rind, as well as nutty, herbal flavours with smoky spicy notes and hazelnuts Fiano mouthfeel Light wines of moderate to high acidity. Fiano cellaring potential Usually produced to be consumed young, in its […]


Australian Flora wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | LIGHT BODY Flora tastes and aromas Ripe pear, lychee and subtle spicy flavours Flora mouthfeel Off-dry, lightly sweet Facts about Flora Flora is a Californian crossing of Gewürztraminer and Semillon grapes made by Dr Harold Olmo in 1938. The variety displays elements of both […]


Australian Furmint wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | MEDIUM BODY Furmint taste and aromas Dry styles of Furmint have flavours of Apricot, lime, smoked pears and a hint of honey on the nose. Dessert style wines can develop notes of marzipan, blood orange, apricots and barley sugar. Furmint mouthfeel Furmint wines can be produced as a […]


Australian Garganega wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | MEDIUM BODY | FULL BODY Garganega taste and aromas Wild flowers, lemon curd and nuts, with hints of honeydew melon, and pear. Garganega mouthfeel Medium-full, with a dry, clean finish and medium acidity Garganega cellaring potential Depending on the region, Garganega has the potential […]


Australian Gamay wine regional and flavour profile   RED | LIGHT BODY Gamay taste and aromas Flavours of crushed strawberries and raspberries, black cherries, as well as deep floral notes of lilac and violets. Other flavours associated with Gamay from France include cherries, banana, coconut, vanilla, rose and violet, and sometimes tar […]


Australian Gewurztraminer wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | MEDIUM BODY | FULL BODY Gewurztraminer taste and aromas Flavours of honey, pumpkin, spice, cinnamon, apricot, pear, and rose, with an overall aroma of Turkish delight. Gewurztraminer mouthfeel Medium to full-bodied, rich, dry and ‘grippy’, low acidity, high phenolics, high alcohol Facts about Gewurztraminer […]


RED | MEDIUM BODY | FULL BODY Grenache taste and aromas Jammy flavours of raspberry, strawberries and cherries, with added nuances of fresh herbs, spice, peppers with gamey and earthy notes. Grenache mouthfeel Soft tannins, medium body, high alcohol Grenache cellaring potential When grown in harsh conditions or from old vines, Grenache can […]


Australian Grillo wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | LIGHT BODY Grillo taste and aromas Grillo shows range if citrus flavours, usually led by lemon-lime flavours Grillo mouthfeel Light bodied, potentially high alcohol, dry mouthfeel. Facts about Grillo Grillo can achieve very high levels of potential alcohol when left to hang on […]


Australian Lagrein wine regional and flavour profile   RED | MEDIUM BODY Lagrein taste and aromas Sour plums with a touch of grass and bitter cherries some dark chocolate, with spicy, tobacco, black plums, grassy, herbaceous and earthy notes Lagrein mouthfeel High tannins, high acidity at ripeness, medium bodied Facts about Lagrein Lagrein is […]


Australian Lemberger wine regional and flavour profile   RED | MEDIUM BODY | FULL BODY Lemberger taste and aromas Blackberries, sweet or sour cherries, plums, currants, gooseberries, elderberries, bananas and chocolate, as well as vegetal aromas, such as green beans or green bell peppers. Lemberger mouthfeel High tannins, high acidity, long finish, […]


Australian Malbec wine regional and flavour profile   RED | MEDIUM BODY | FULL BODY Malbec taste and aromas Ripe fruit flavours of plums, black cherry and blackberry, which give the wine a jammy mouthfeel. Malbec can also display smoke, earth, leather, wild game, tobacco and white/black pepper along with […]


Australian Malvasia wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | LIGHT BODY | MEDIUM BODY Malvasia tastes and aromas Honey and ripe pears, orange blossoms, with citrusy, lemon and pineapple notes and hints of allspice and vanilla Malvasia mouthfeel Malvasia is a versatile wine and can be anywhere between lightweight to full-flavoured, dry […]


Australian Marsanne wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | MEDIUM BODY | FULL BODY Marsanne taste and aromas When young, intense aroma’s and flavours of lemon, peach and tropical fruits such as melon and pair, with a dry mineral raciness. Marsanne mouthfeel Medium to full-bodied, broad, ‘waxy’, low acidity Cellaring potential of Marsanne Marsanne improves […]


Australian Marzemino wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | MEDIUM BODY Marzemino tastes and aromas Marzemino has a light plummy taste with flavours of strawberry, raspberry, violet and cherry alongside a slightly herby, grassy note Marzemino mouthfeel Medium tannins, medium acidity, Facts about Marzemino Marzemino is a red Italian wine grape that is primarily grown […]


Australian Mataro wine regional and flavour profile   RED | MEDIUM BODY Mataro taste and aromas Wild game and/or earthy notes, with soft red fruit flavours, blueberry, plums, currants and cherries, with spicy notes such as gingerbread and Chinese five-spice, alongside subtle savoury characteristics. Mataro mouthfeel Mataro tends to produce tannic wines […]

Melon De Bourgogne (Muscadet)

Australian Melon De Bourgogne wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | LIGHT BODIED Muscadet tastes and aromas Flavours of apple, pear and peach with mineral aromas Muscadet mouthfeel Light, crisp acidity, with low alcohol (under 12%) Muscadet cellaring potential Muscadet wines are produced to be drunk young, while the flavour profiles remain […]


Australian Merlot wine regional and flavour profile   RED | MEDIUM BODY Merlot tastes and aromas Flavours and aromas of plums, cherries, blueberries, blackberries, currant, mint, tobacco, with with cocoa, black pepper and tea-leaf tones Merlot mouthfeel Velvety, low tannins, medium bodied, high alcohol Cellaring potential of Merlot Many commercial merlots are designed […]


Australian Moscato wine regional and flavour profile   AUSTRALIAN SPARKLING Moscato tastes and aromas Flavours o citrus, peach, orange and floral fruit Moscato mouthfeel Low acidity, low tannins, moderately sweet, low alcohol Facts about Moscato Moscato wines are the only wines that have the same flavour as the grape (Muscat) Moscato is a […]

Muller Thurgau

Australian Muller Thurgau wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | LIGHT BODIED Muller Thurgau tastes and aromas Fruity flavours of peach, apple, and pear, with floral notes Muller Thurgau mouthfeel Low acidity, off-dry, soft, smooth mouth-feel Muller Thurgau cellaring potential Now – Muller Thurgau wines are almost always better young Facts about Muller […]


Australian Nebbiolo wine regional and flavour profile   RED WINE | FULL BODIED Nebbiolo tastes and aromas Flavours of cherries and plums, cedar, spices and hints of mushrooms and rotting undergrowth, with spicy, chocolate, leathery and earthy undertones Nebbiolo mouthfeel Rich, heavy tannins, full bodied Nebbiolo Cellaring potential Because of Nebbiolo wines heavy […]

Nero d’Avola

Australian Nero d’Avola wine regional and flavour profile RED WINE | MEDIUM BODY | FULL BODY Nero d’Avola tastes and aromas Savoury characters, coupled with chocolate, cherry and strawberry flavours with fresh berry aromas and spice, as well as the trade mark Nero d’Avola dried herb notes Nero d’Avola mouthfeel Firm, smooth tannins, […]

Petit Manseng

Australian Petit Manseng wine regional and flavour profile WHITE | MEDIUM BODY Petit Manseng tastes and aromas Flavours of apricot and quince fruit along with spicy and floral notes Petit Manseng mouthfeel Highly acidic, medium-bodied wine with low tannins Petit Manseng cellaring potential Petit Manseng wines are meant to be enjoyed within a […]

Petit Sirah (aka Durif)

Australian Durif wine regional and flavour profile   RED | FULL BODY Durif taste and aromas Durif is characterised as having earthy, peppery aromas, with ripe berry fruit and plummy flavours. In the presence of new oak barrels, the wine can develop melted chocolate flavours. Durif mMouthfeel High tannins, rich, full-bodied, relatively acidic. […]

Pedro Ximenez (Apera)

Australian Pedro Ximenez wine regional and flavour profile WHITE | MEDIUM BODIED Pedro Ximenez taste and Aromas Flavours of toffee, fig, date and molasses emerge, with notes or raisins and plum pudding Pedro Ximenez mouthfeel Firm and rich tannins, medium bodied Facts about Pedro Ximenez Pedro Ximenez is a white grape variety best known […]

Petit Verdot

Australian Petit Verdot wine regional and flavour profile   RED | MEDIUM BODIED | FULL BODIED Petit Verdot tastes and aromas Flavours of lavender, rosewater, musk, violets, fruity banana esters, fennel seed/star anise and white blossoms, alongside sweet ripe red and black berry notes Petit Verdot mouthfeel Medium to full bodied, firm […]

Pinot Gris / Grigio

Australian Pinot Gris  wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | MEDIUM TO FULL BODIED Pinot Gris tastes and aromas Pinot Gris flavours can range from melon to pear and some even offer a subtle tropical or citrus fruit, with honey or smoky notes. Pinot Gris mouthfeel Light, fresh, fruity acidity, with a […]

Pinot Meunier

Australian Pinot Meunier wine regional and flavour profile   RED| LIGHT BODIED Pinot Meunier tastes and aromas Flavours of slightly jammy, smooth berry flavours, strawberries, and raspberries. Aromas of cranberry and cherry, a natural smokiness with hints of vanilla Pinot Meunier mouthfeel Low tannins, and generally crisp, bright, and highly acidic Pinot Meunier […]

Pinot Noir

Australian Pinot Noir wine regional and flavour profile   RED | LIGHT BODY | MEDIUM BODY Pinot Noir tastes and aromas Flavours and aromas of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, leather, cedar and spice Pinot Noir mouthfeel Light to medium bodied, high acidity, subtle in flavour, and delicate in texture, light tannins. Pinot […]


Australian Prosecco wine regional and flavour profile   SPARKLING | MEDIUM BODIED Prosecco tastes and Aromas Flavours of fresh, citrus fruits, with aromatic jasmine-like florals and aromas of apple and pear Prosecco mouthfeel Crisp and clean with refreshing acidity and dry finish Prosecco cellaring potential Enjoy while young and fresh. Unlike Champagne, […]


Australian Riesling wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | LIGHT BODY Riesling tastes and aromas Flavours and aromas of green apple, pear, lime, mineral, honey, floral, citrus, honeysuckle, blossoms, green apples, mineral and spice Riesling mouthfeel Riesling can be used to make dry, semi-sweet, sweet and sparkling wines, but generally has […]


Australian Rosé wine regional and flavour profile   Rosé tastes and aromas The flavours of rosé wines tends to be more subtle versions of their red wine varietal counterparts. The fruit expectations lean towards strawberry, cherry, and raspberry with some citrus and watermelon presenting on a regular basis Rosé mouthfeel Rosés can […]


Australian Roussanne wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | FULL BODIED Roussanne tastes and Aromas In warm climates, it produces rich wines with flavours of honey and pear, and has a full body.  In cooler climates the flavours are more floral and delicate, with higher acidity. Roussanne mouthfeel In warm climates, moderate […]


Australian Sagrantino wine regional and flavour profile   RED | FULL BODIED Sagrantino tastes and aromas Flavours of juicy, bright cherry and plum fruits with mocha, coffee-like secondary layers, and fruity, spicy aromas Sagrantino mouthfeel Highly tannic, full-bodied, high acidity and 16% alcohol Cellaring potential of Sagrantino Sagrantino’s high tannins and affinity for oak […]


Australian Sangiovese wine regional and flavour profile   RED | MEDIUM BODIED | FULL BODIED Sangiovese tastes and aromas Flavours of tart cherry, plum and strawberry, along with hints of vanilla and cinnamon Sangiovese mouthfeel Medium – Full bodied, medium acidity Sangiovese cellaring potential Sangiovese based wines age well, but the lighter […]

Sauvignon Blanc

Australian Sauvignon Blanc has flavours of passionfruit and kiwi fruit, with grassy notes, and is grown predominantly in the Margaret River, Western Australia. Sauvignon Blanc was one of the first fine wines to be bottled with a screwcap in commercial quantities, especially by New Zealand producers. The wine is usually consumed young, as it does not particularly benefit from aging.


Australian Semillon wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | MEDIUM BODY Semillon tastes and aromas Flavours and aromas of grass, cut hay, straw, lime, vanilla, lanolin, apple, date, fig, lemon and pear Semillon mouthfeel Low acidity, almost oily textures and rich, round profile. Low in alcohol (typically between 10-15%), almost no […]


RED | FULL BODY Shiraz tastes and aromas Flavours and aromas of blackberry, blueberry, cherry, chocolate, espresso, black pepper, olives, herbs, earthy leather, tobacco Shiraz mouthfeel Full bodied wine, firm tannins, dry, heavy oak Shiraz cellaring potential Australian Shiraz has a strong, overt fruit flavour which you most often find in young […]

Sparkling White

Australian Sparking White wine regional and flavour profile   Tastes and aromas Like Champagne, Australian sparkling wines can range from extra dry, dry, and sweet, and have a relatively low alcohol content of 12% Drink Now or Later? Due to its high acidity and carbon dioxide, sparkling wines are capable […]

Sparkling Shiraz

Australian Sparkling Shiraz wine regional and flavour profile Tastes and aromas Flavours of intense chocolate, spice and liquorice, alongside vibrant raspberry, dark berries and plum. The richness of fruit is balanced with hints of oak. Mouthfeel Velvety, structured (but not overpowering) tannins. Drink now or later Most Sparkling Shiraz hit their […]


Australian Tannat wine regional and flavour profile   RED | FULL BODIED Tastes and aromas Flavours of blackberry and raspberry, with spicy notes. Mouthfeel Firm tannins, high alcohol, full bodied Drink now or later Tannat wines can be aged for a number of years, this will help soften the strong tannins […]


Australian Tempranillo wine regional and flavour profile   RED | MEDIUM BODIED Tastes and aromas Flavours of cherry, raspberry, mulberry and dried herbs, with aromas of leather and blackberries Mouthfeel Low acidity and tannins, medium bodied, rarely high in alcohol Drink now or later Tempranillo can either be consumed  young or […]


Australian Teroldego wine regional and flavour profile   RED | MEDIUM | FULL BODIED   Tastes and aromas Flavours of blackberry, figs, chocolate and spicy notes, alongside a sweet oaky flavour Mouthfeel High acidity, structured tannin, medium–full bodied Drink now or later? While it is usually drunk within three years of […]


Australian Trebbiano wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | LIGHT BODIED Tastes and aromas Flavours of lemon, rosemary, with minerally overtones Mouthfeel High acidity, light body Drink now or later Trebbiano is best drunk young, while the flavours are still crisp and fresh Fun Facts In Australia, Trebbiano is referred […]


Australian Vermentino wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | LIGHT | MEDIUM BODIED Tastes and aromas Flavours of citrus fruits such as lime, green apple and peaches, with a bitter almond and pine nut finish Mouthfeel Dry mouthfeel, light-medium bodied with refreshingly crisp acidity Drink now or later Best to […]


Australian Verdelho wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | MEDIUM BODIED | FULL BODIED Tastes and aromas Flavours of melon, pineapple, guava, honeysuckle and tropical fruit, with herbaceous and spicy notes Mouthfeel Medium to full-bodied, fresh, broad, tangy acidity and higher alcohol Drink now or later Most Australian Verdelhos are […]


Australian Viognier wine regional and flavour profile   WHITE | LIGHT | MEDIUM BODY Tastes and aromas Flavours of tropical fruit such as pineapple, melon with peach notes Mouthfeel Firm acidity, light-medium bodied Drink now or later Best consumed relatively young as it will typically lose perfume as it ages. This […]


Australian Zinfandel wine regional and flavour profile   RED | FULL BODIED Tastes and aromas Flavours of raspberry, spice, pepper, chocolate, cranberry, black berry and cherry, with hints of bay leaves, sweet thyme, basil and spice. Mouthfeel Full bodied, firm tannins, high alcohol (usually at least 14%) Drink Now or Later? […]